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Welcome to Reliable Resin's fresh new Web Store.
In celebration of our 9th Year Anniversary, we thought that it was time to offer our valuable customers a totally new venue, as well as a fresh new product line.

These past few years , we've tried marketing our wares with a few different venues, a few have worked out, some not so well ! After careful deliberation, we've decided to get back to our basic roots to offer our Loyal & New Customers / Members the attention that they deserve. Through this fresh newly formatted web store, we can offer more, and stay focus on the tasks at hand.

This is not the "run of the mill" web site , this is a web store , we've created a members based area. Members of this web store, will receive "members benefits" such as Monthly Specials , New Product Alerts , % Off Coupons, Newsletter, etc.... These "alerts & member benefits" are sent via. email.

Visit our Tips & Techniques section, where we share 45 years of collective knowledge.
It's easy to sign up & best of all, the price is right ... it's FREE to JOIN !

Reliable Resin has been producing a Spectrum of Quality "Pressure Cast" Resin Products since 2002 . As in any successful business we've gone through a learning curve, a few growing pains, overcome a few personal / professional hurdles, and have made a few really good friends in the process.

These friends have made significant contributions to the cause, I just want to take a moment and "Thank You" for your efforts and contributions.

We're constantly developing our "craft" experimenting with fresh new Professional Grade Rubber & Resins, testing new techniques , re engineering a few old icons from discontinued manufacturers, developing fresh new products that reflect what's happening on the cutting edge of today’s 1/1 Automotive Industry & Collector Hobby.

Our attention to detail has even caught the eye's of a few Aftermarket 1/1 Boutiques, where we've help develop a few 1/25 prototypes, prior to them investing $1,000,00 on 1/1 molds & patterns In the process we've also designed a "proprietary in house resin blend formula" which is used with all of our (large or small) Quality Pressure Cast Resin products.

The RTV rubber that we use for our molds, does not last forever. Our resin cast products are good for approximately 50 casting. That's only 50 bodies, parts, etc.. World Wide Sales If there's anything that you see listed, that you want/need, might we suggest that you get it while we're offering them

Check back with us weekly, as we continue updating our web store with fresh products.
Come Join Us , become a member & enjoy the Reliable Resin experience.

Build ON !